3 Sep 2015

Chor der Kulturen der Welt - HKW, Berlin, Roedelius Lifelines Festival Erföffnung

25 Sep 2015

BM + Coppé live, Old St. Paul´s Church, Edinburgh, UK

29 Sep 2015

BM + Coppé live, MAC Hexagon Theatre, Birmingham, UK

1 Oct 2015

BM + Coppé live, Fyfe Hall, Trinity Centre, Bristol, UK

3 Oct 2015

BM, Coppé, Plaid a.o. live, St. Giles in the fields, London, UK

11 Oct 2015

Doppelstern Record Release Party! Roter Salon Berlin mit Justus Köhnke, T.Raumschmiere, Gudrun Gut, Tonia Reeh, Richard Davis + Coppe live set

22 Oct 2015

BM-Doppelstern live Pudels Hamburg, D

23 Oct 2015

BM-Doppelstern live + Robert Lippok, Schwankhalle Bremen, D

24 Oct 2015

BM-Doppelstern live, Polyester Oldenburg, D

29 Oct 2015

BM-Doppelstern live + Forum Freies theater, Düsseldorf, D

30 Oct 2015

BM-Doppelstern live Fluc Wien, A


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Sweet Silence

Worldwide: Jun 08, 2012
UK: Jun 08, 2012
US: Jul 03, 2012
Format: Album (CD & digital)
Label: Monika Enterprise M74
Distribution: Morr Music
Distribution US: Forced Exposure

Sweet Silence is no less than the sixth album by Berlin based musician Barbara Morgenstern. Following 2010's Fan No. 2, a greatest hits compilation of a different kind, the album contains a fresh collection of all new songs sung for the first time only in English. As with all of Morgenstern's music, SWEET SILENCE exudes a glorious honesty which is just what makes her electronic-pop sound so appealing. The record was mixed by Shitkatapult founder Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere giving the whole thing that unmistakable Berlin sound.


  1. Sweet Silence (3:04)
  2. Need To Hang Around (3:51)
  3. Kookoo (3:24)
  4. Spring Time (2:58)
  5. Jump Into The Life-Pool (3:51)
  6. Bela (1:23)
  7. Highway (3:11)
  8. Night-Time Falls (3:22)
  9. The Minimum Says (2:54)
  10. Auditorium (3:31)
  11. Hip Hop Mice (2:46)
  12. Status Symbol (5:38)
  13. Love Is In The Air, But We Don't Care (3:31)


2015 Finishing "Doppelstern", Choir Work "Fragen an das Licht" for the Zero retrospective/ Martin Gropius Bau + Atonal Festival Berlin
2014 Recordings for "Doppelstern", Musical Direction Radioplay "Qualitätskonrolle" by Rimini Protokoll, Production of "Stille Vann" - female Bandproject by barner 16
2013 Musical direction for "Qualitätskontrolle" by Rimini Protokoll, Staatstheater Stuttgart
2013 Choir work ("California"/HKW, "Virtuosity"/Kammermusiksaal Berliner Philharmonie, etc.)
2012 Release of the album "Sweet Silence" and live shows
2012 Musical direction and choir work for "Lagos Business Angels" by Rimini Protokoll, HAU 1, Theater Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

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Andreas Schlegel

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