30 Sep 2020

BM live, Silent Green, Berlin - VERSCHOBEN auf Frühjhar 2021!!!

3 Oct 2020

Theater: Chinchilla Arschloch, waswas/ Rimini Protokoll/ Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen, Hannover

7 Oct 2020

BM live, Resonanzenfestival, Saarbrücken


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Corey Dargel + Barbara Morgenstern
„ No One Nowhere Cares“

Speaking in terms of astronomy Corey Dargel is one of the Doubles Stars with the largest orbit.
Corey lived in NYC but recently relocated to Austin, Texas .Unfortunately we never met in person, but listening to Corey´s music and working on our song I feel very much connected over long distance.

His music is full of great harmony changes, full of ideas, wonderful melodies and fantsatic lyrics - very inspiring to me!

On the second track „The Oposite of love“ of his lates album  „Ok It´s Not OK“, which he recently sent to me, you´ll find the absolut perfect sentence „the oposite of love isn´t hate it´s pity“. Simply true!

We´ve got introduced by the great piano player Kathleen Supové from NY. Since then we share our records and enjoy them.

I had a rough instrumental version of „No One Nowhere Cares“ when I thougt that Corey´s voice and his way of composing melodies would be perfect for the song.
I sent it to him and the way he sang is something I could have never invented. Death is a subject we both deal with in our lyrics – both in our own ways.



My flowers might as well be extinct
But every exquisite bouquet
Was once a love letter linked
To a long-forgotten display

No one nowhere cares
About any loss of innocence
No one nowhere shares
Events in the past tense

Some people think they are clever
Trying to talk to the dead
But language doesn’t live forever
And the dead leave most things unsaid

No one nowhere cares
About any loss of innocence
No one nowhere shares
Events in the past tense

No one nowhere cares
About every sod who gets it all wrong
No one nowhere cares
About anyone who’s lived too long