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The preparations for our piece were the most instense on the whole album and the result  justifies the work!

Listening to Jacaszek´s music I always asked myself how it would sound like,  if he works with human voices, a choir (which he was actually already planning – perfect coincidence!)?

With „my“ choir  (Chor der Kulturen der Welt, HKW Berlin), which I´m conducting since 2007,  in the background we had the perfect chance to realize this idea.

We made a structure of harmonies, melodies and little snippets, which we recorded with the choir.
During some Skype talks we worked out, that the light moods during one day could be a very good topic to focus on.
We decided for the morning and I wrote the lyrics for the choir lines.

The choir recordings became the basis for the piece.
At some point in the composition process we both thought something was missing, so I recorded some guiding vocals and the Harmonium.

Our piece is definitely a way of working I want to continue in future times. A perfect match of what I´m interested in at the moment.


„Den kommenden Morgen“

Noch halb im Schlaf
Ich lag schon wach
Was kommen mag
An diesem Tag

Es hallt noch nach
Was gestern war

Ein Zustand ist
Ein kurzer Schnitt
Bin ich an sich
Oder lieber nicht

Ich öffne mich
Das Tageslicht
Schlängelt sich
In mein Gesicht

Öffne ich mich
Das Tageslicht
Schlängelt sich
In mein Gesicht

Was kommen mag
An diesem Tag
Ist ungewiss
Mit Zuversicht
Beginne ich

Den kommenden Morgen