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When I first visited Julia Kent in her home in Manhatten I was smashed by the view from her balcony. You see the massive facades of NYC skyline like a wall of light with thousands of stories behind the window frames. Like a map of everyday life.

Inspired by this view I called our track „Facades“.

„Facades“ worked out completely virtual, we were sending files back and forth until the track was fnished. In the final production T.Raumschmiere added some of his very good ideas and made the whole thing complete.

Julia Kent is the only person I know, who´s a solo Cello perfromer. When she plays live, she loops herself and creates her deep and very atmospheric kind of music. Listening to her I feel like being pulled in a dark and wide stream, not sure if I want to drown or swim.

She releases her albums on leaf and is part of Anthony & the Johnson´s band.
I first worked with her for my album „bm“ in 2008. She came to my studio during an off-day on a tour and played all the cello parts on the album. We later on performed together in NYC and stayed in contact ever since.