5 May 2016

BM live, Kulturelle Landpartie, Wendland, Tramme

12 May 2016

BM-Doppelstern live, CH, Zürich, Exil

13 May 2016

BM-Doppelstern live, D, Slowclub, Freiburg

20 May 2016

BM+Tonia Rehh Supamolly, Berlin

26 Jun 2016

BM live, 17+18 Uhr, 48 h Neukölln/ Boot, Berlin


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Doppelstern is a collaboration project with T.Raumschmiere, Hauschka, Gudrun Gut, Justus Köhncke, Robert Lippok, Corey Dargel, Lucrecia Dalt, Julia Kent, Coppé, Tonia Reeh, Richard Davis, Jacaszek.

Release: 25|09|2015


Double stars really exist. It´s a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass.

Some binaries have short, but many binaries have long orbital periods of several centuries or millennia.