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"Gleich ist gleicher als gleich" Lucrecia Dalt + Barbara Morgenstern

© Brais Gen

We´ve met at Lucrecia Dalt´s home studio. For the whole Doppelstern Album my principle was: no plans beforehand, let´s see what we can create together, what are we interested in, what do we have in common?

„Gleich ist gleicher als gleich“ started with a recording of the piano. Lucrecia has a wonderful, old Piano in her studio, which could have been dammed in a very nice way.
She is an expert for Ableton live, so we recorded the song on her items. She made this great „drum“-loop by putting her bass through a moog modulator. We both have in common, that we very much appreciate the accidential side of music, do something you do not expect to happen and use it.

We discussed the lyrics very precisely – boring to explain them, please make up your own mind and enjoy!

Lucrecia plays with a loop controller built by her father. She herself is a studied contstruction engineer from Columbia and when I saw her live, supporting Julia Holter in Berlin I knew: I want to work with her ! Her soundscapes are crackling, very precise and simply unique.

Video: cat of Lucrecia´s friends in Barcelona looking at the tape delay, while recording it for our track :-).


Sicherlich wir sind nicht am Ziel
Gleich ist gleicher als gleich
Dazu mal so viel  
Willst Du lieber Fleisch oder Fisch sein?
Augen zu und durch
Lieber ja als nein

Alles was ich kann ist Fake
Let´s not differentiate

Du hast es gesagt und getan
Und der Trugschluss rief
Fang von vorne an

Sollen wir lieber laut oder still sein?
Weiter im Prozess
Eher Sein als Schein

Alles was ich kann ist Fake
Let´s not differentiate

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